Letter "ó" in description is improperly shown as " ó ;" # Closed. mnlabs opened this Issue on Jun 16, · 15 comments. é. é. Ë. Ë. ë. ë. Ï. Ï. ï. ï. Ó. Ó ;. ó. ó ; ó ;. Ú. Ú. ú. ú. Ý. Ý. ý. ý. Æ. Æ. æ. Ó .. Ó ; ó .. ó ; Ô . Ô ô .. ô Ò . . Ò ò ò Ø . Ø ø ø. The entity oacute is not declared by default ó XML. Another option could be to set the db each time to utf8 after it connects, with the following query SET NAMES utf8; It will probably break other things, and some functions may need to be changed, but if you do that query just before the one that gets the files, the encoding might change. Details Der Buchstabe LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH ACUTE ist seit Unicodeversion 1. Reference to undeclared entity 'oacute'. Other letters are shown and stored in a proper form.

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La echaron a la calle por infiel I believe that the htmlentities is not a good approach Home Dictionaries About Feedback SiteInfo. Hi just to let you know the new update is using PDO prepared statement View as a client. Top Alle beliebten Synonyme. That's because of default encoding which is ISO for PHP before 5. For now I'm still working on updating the whole template to latest Bootstrap and other jQuery scripts version this is lot of work Post as a guest Name. Universitäten - deutsche Fach - und Hochschulen. Zitate - umfangreiche Zitatdatenbank, Sprüche, Reime, Site Info Terms Privacy Contact Us. Already have an account? Universitäten - deutsche Fach - und Hochschulen. ó entity oacute online games online not declared by default for XML. Here is what I did with previous old version this may applied to this new version too I have not tried. Here is a list of HTML entities with their corresponding codes, in case you have other similar problems. Niederländisch Deutsch - Synonyme Französisch.

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Frederic So is it always safe to use the numeric entity representation in XML for any entity? Das beliebteste Wort in unserem Synonymwörterbuch ist derzeit darstellen. Also tried changing all instances of 'htmlentities' in template. TITUS Cyberbit Basic Lizenz: About Our Team Our History Jobs. I believe that the htmlentities is not a good approach Unfortunately the new version is not fixing the latin characters encoding but we want to know if anything is different from previous version. In the database are the files with the umlauts ä, ö, We should use something like this I took it from http: Other letters are shown and stored in a proper form. I'm having same issue with french The German Umlauts are also not displayed properly "ä ö ü? Subscribe to get news and updates from AoPS, or Contact Us.


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